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  • Susan Hansberry

Caring for Your Painted Rock

Now that you have created or purchased a painted rock you’ll want to take steps to protect its beauty for years to come.

Make sure that your art has been sealed with some sort of protectant. This provides a protective layer which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. This is important for dusting and light cleaning. A general protectant can be found HERE.

If your art is placed in direct sun, be sure to add a UV protectant to reduce fading. The artist may have already done this for you so be sure to inquire. A good option can be found HERE.

Display your rock in a way which reduces the chances of it falling. A natural stone is heavy and may cause damage to a tile, ceramic or soft wood flooring surface. The impact may also cause the paint or the protective coating to chip. If this happens, contact the artist. They can help you decide what next steps might save your piece of art. If you have a manmade stone that has been painted, take extra care, as these are more fragile and may break into pieces if dropped.

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