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Paint with Me!

Create your very own mandala painting.

Dot painting is becoming a popular art form and inspiration can be found all over Pinterest and Instagram. As you swipe through the beautiful images painted on rocks or canvas you may be tempted to try it for yourself. I’d love to help you with your artistic journey.

I’ll teach you how to create amazing mandala paintings from the comfort of your own home and help you discover your inner artist!

Before you spend $$$ on supplies, tools and stencils, join me online for a LIVE beginners tutorial. I’ll walk you through the process, share my tips and help you avoid all the mistakes I encountered when I first began. 

Click here to contact me for details.


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This is a stunning piece! I look forward to enjoying this piece for many years to come!



I love it!  5 Stars



I actually ended up ordering 3 of these adorable rocks for my dog loving family members. They were perfectly painted and are the perfect gift for all “Dog Moms”.