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  • Susan Hansberry

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Let’s face it we all have favorites. Favorite relatives, favorite coffee mug, favorite piece of clothing, favorite child (just kidding boys :) We all have our “go to” items. This is my list of favorite art supplies. I’m sure there will be some deals this season. Happy shopping!

  • 15 different brushes: liner #3/0, round #1, round #3, round #6, filbert #2, filbert #4, filbert #9, filbert #8, flat #6, flat #8, flat #10, angled #10, wash #11, fan #4, wide 5/4”

  • Premium quality brushes

  • Brush roll with magnetic closure keeps brushes protected and makes transport easy

  • Suitable for watercolour, acrylic, oil, gouache and tempera paint

You can find them here

Art Resin is a great product if you are looking to add a high gloss finish with won’t yellow over time. It is low odor too! You still should be using this product in a highly ventilated area and wear a respirator for safety. It is made in the USA and customer support is terrific.

  • Non-toxic when used as directed. (8 oz kit = 4 oz resin + 4 oz hardener)

  • No VOCs. No BPA. No fumes. Non-flammable. Certified Food safe.

  • UV and HALS stabilized for unparalleled yellowing protection

  • Easy to use 1:1 mixing ratio; 8 oz covers approx. 2 sq ft

  • High-gloss. Self-levelling. Formulated specifically for art. Made in USA.

Posca Paint Pens are perfect for adding words to your painted rocks, signing your name to artwork or adding fine details. They come in various sets and sizes, below is just one option.

  • Uni Posca : Line width: Extra Fine 0.7mm

  • Unlike alcohol-based marker ink, the ink does not bleed.

  • It can write on photographs, glass, plastic, stone, fabrics, etc as well as paper. *Please shake the pen be sure was capped before use. And press several times the pen tip on paper.

Available here

So here is a gallery of favorites without the details.

Coffee. Everyday. Whatever kind you like.

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