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  • Susan Hansberry

Looking Back and Looking Forward

So we made it through 2020 and here we are in May of ‘21. I know some of you experienced great

loss in the last 15 months (I’m sorry) but you made it, you’re here reading my post. Thank you for that. You have many ways to spend your time so I’m so happy and humbled that you chose to visit my page.

Like you, 2020 brought changes. Every single one of my in person markets was cancelled due to Covid. I made a pivot (boy, have we heard this word a lot in the US) and started teaching online via Zoom and it was incredible. I’ve literally taught hundreds of people how to paint mandalas and it has been fantastic. I am so thankful.


  1. I just started selling items at Thoughtful Creations in San Diego, CA. It is a lovely retail environment that features 66 artisans so if you are in the area stop by for some unique items for yourself or for gifting.

  2. I will continue teaching online even as things begin to reopen and get back to normal. So send me an email or use the chat function to let me know if you’d like a one hour individual or group online class. I’ll also be teaching in person at Thoughtful Creations. In person classes are 2 hours and participants will create 2 items. All materials are provided.

  3. Mandala kits will be available June 1st! Everything you need to create a beautiful mandala can be sent to you via US Mail. I’ll have kits available each quarter.

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