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  • Susan Hansberry

Dot Painting, It’s Not Just Mandalas

While many people associate a traditional mandala pattern with dot painting, I believe they are two genres that overlap. Mandalas are commonly either drawn or dotted, while dot painting can be of any subject.

In this photo, the sun does begin with a mandala-like center surround by three rows of dots but from there the dots become varied in size and are placed randomly. The rolling hills are created with varying sizes and earth tone colors and while the water does have a few waves or ripples, most of the water is represented by random dot placement.

Desert landscapes during the day and night and bodies of water can be created using the dot painting method.

Even mermaids can be created.

Thinking about painting on canvas?

This flower of life pattern was created with dots and an ombré effect was used to create depth and visual interest.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless so let your creativity take hold.

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